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Top Rated Credit Repair Orange County Company since 2013

We remove around 97.6% of negative items from our clients' credit score. Our credit repair service brings results within 60 days!

Don't have the funds right now? Just tell us when to charge you.
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How Credit Repair Works?

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During our free credit repair consultation, one of our awesome Orange County credit repair experts will take a look at your current credit score and create a game plan on how to fix it asap!

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We understand how difficult it is to save money with high interest rates on credit cards in Orange County, CA ; that's why we offer different monthly credit repair plans.

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Local Credit Repair Orange County Specialist Starts The Process

It's time to improve your credit score. You have been denied and rejected too many times because of it. We start disputing and removing the negative items that cause your credit score to be low.

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You See Results from Our Credit Repair Work

You start to receive dispute letters from the credit bureaus in the mail and send them back to us. Most of the time, the negative items have been removed. If not, we dispute them again with more proof.

Our Credit Repair Services in Orange County, CA:

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  • Removal of Collections
  • Removal of Late payments
  • Removal of Charge offs
  • Removal of Bankruptcies
  • Removal of Repossessions
  • Removal Foreclosures
  • Removal of Judgements


Zorro Credit is fantastic! Best decisions i’ve ever made and words can’t explain how happy I am. This is the perfect best spot to get your credit card repaired. Thank you so much and would recommend this credit repair to anyone!

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Zorro Credit Repair is the best! My credit score went up from 642 to the high 700 they save my life! Thanks for the excellent work! I will recommend you to everyone I know guys!

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We Are Zorro Credit: a local credit repair company in Orange County, CA

And our philosophy is simple, get your credit score fixed as fast as possible.

There are hundreds of credit repair companies and credit repair services out there, so what makes us the one you should trust?

Well, we have been repairing credit scores since 2003. To this date, Zorro Credit has helped more than 13,000 thousand people with their credit scores. About 33% of our current clients come from Orange County, and 47% of them come from California.

From removing collections, late payments, bankruptcies to removing charge offs and foreclosures – we’ve done it all.

Our highly trained team of lawyers are able to dispute thousands of negative items a day for all of our clients.

That’s why we get the best results, and most of our clients see them within 60 days of signing up!

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Don't ever get denied for credit cards or loan again!

See your credit score increase in next 60 days.

Remove negative items and increase your credit score!

FAQ About Credit Repair Service

Yes, we also offer 90 day guarantee if you don't like our work.

The best credit repair company is a company that offers some kind of guarantee as

One of our credit repair experts will analyze your credit score. After that is done, we will provide you with a Dedicated Account Manager who will help you throughout the credit repair process.

No-upfront fees! When you decide to move forward after the Free Credit Assessment, then we’ll schedule your first payment within 5-15 days out.

Thereafter, first payment will be collected, after we perform the work.

No hidden fees and no tiresome repetition of making a payment “each 30 days”. These are scheduled in advance so you know exactly when they will take place and flexible with your budget. Full transparency, minimum possible headaches.

An expert representative will contact you shortly to provide an analysis of your credit report to help better understand your aspirations, goals and credit situation.

No, the sign up process is super easy. Just give us a call and we will walk you through our 3-easy steps.

FREE to start and $119/mo thereafter to sustain access to your Dedicated Account Manager and all the financial tools to help keep your life on track.

Our expert staff will walk you through on how to obtain your 3-bureau report. It’s all FREE and included with your credit repair service.

One of the best ways to detect erroneous reports are the discrepancies in all 3-Major Credit Reports.

On average, in as little as 45 to 60 days.

We take as little time as possible to achieve your goals, with our new system it moves along much faster than other companies.

No, running your own consumer report doesn’t hurt your score.

We take as little time as possible to achieve your goals, with our new system it moves along much faster than other companies.

We don’t make promises about things we can’t control, like the final outcome. But we do offer a 90-Day Money Back Guarantee. By then you should know the direction your credit is headed in.

Yes, we maintain your intimate personal information as if it were our own. All access is severely limited.

Yes! The credit bureaus are allowed 30 Days (according to the Fair Credit Reporting Act) to respond. So that should be the first timeline to view your results.

Your personal manager will peruse the report with you and determine what should be challenged or is erroneous.

Yes. This will help alleviate any clutters and expedite the turnaround time.

Your personal manager will peruse the report with you and determine what should be challenged or is erroneous.

You do not have to be married to get the discount, however if you share bills together and/or live together, we encourage you to sign up together.

Our new system gives you a private dashboard so you can check activity as it happens.

"Why is credit rationed? Perhaps the most basic tenet of economics is that market equilibrium entails supply equalling demand; that if demand should exceed supply, prices will rise, decreasing demand and/or increasing supply until demand and supply are equated more info"
Stiglitz, Joseph E., and Andrew Weiss. "Credit rationing in markets with imperfect information." The American economic review 71.3 (1981): 393-410.